E I C H (Australia)

Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

Application Process

 Whilst there are no formal prerequisites for the Professional Practitioner Course, enrolment for this training does require the completion of a detailed application form, including two references to give an indication of your motivation and potential. Your completed application will be followed up by a personal interview to support your application, during which you will also have the opportunity to raise any questions you may have. 

This thorough enrolment process does assist us in ascertaining your level of commitment to what is a demanding but very rewarding training programme and is aligned to the high level of integrity of EICH and its graduates.  An application form is included in the prospectus which also provides a curriculum outline for each module of study.


Training to become a professional therapist is a personal growth journey as much as it is learning new skills, so we also ask that you take the necessary measures to ensure you are in good physical, emotional and mental health.


Please ensure that you have read the prospectus before completing your application.


EICH Australia PPC Prospectus


EICH (Australia) Application Form & Information


For further information, please contact Belinda Hulstrom 

"OUR MISSION is to provide students with a solid foundation in the study and application of clinical hypnosis to enable them to become competent and confident professional practitioners within the field of clinical hypnotherapy."