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Course Content

The Professional Practitioner Course offered at EICH-Australia has a strong analytical bias, covering not only “Suggestion Therapy” skills that are the mainstay of traditional hypnotherapy but also fundamental techniques of “Hypnoanalysis”. The course combines strong counselling and psychotherapy skills as an integral part of its teaching of a wide range of hypnotherapy techniques and applications.

The following subjects - and far more - are all covered in detail:



What hypnosis can and cannot do; what hypnosis is - and what it is not; how to induce it and how to use it effectively and safely; choosing the best induction; how to recognise when somebody IS hypnotised; how to effect safe release from the hypnotic state; how to get to the 'roots' of problems; direct and indirect therapeutic interventions. 


How to use a powerful yet unobtrusive method of personality profiling to assist in building rapport and in tailoring your approach to suit the individual and his or her context


How to tell the difference between a fear and a phobia, and why it is important; what a phobia really is; how to find the root of your client's problem fast, and how to easily assess the best method of hypnotherapy for any individual. 


The power and manifestations of fear; internal conflict and the stress response; moving from avoidance to action via an effective model for stress reduction 


Dealing with habits, smoking, weight control, nail-biting, exam fears/nerves, speaking in public, concentration and study, etc.; how to write and use hypnotic suggestions and posthypnotic suggestions; embedded commands and how to use them; ensuring that your suggestions 'take'; limitations and contra-indicators. 


Effective communication skills ensuring a high standard of client satisfaction and ethical and professional practice. 


Writing your own scripts; self-hypnosis; harnessing the amazing power of visualisation; creating and using posthypnotic 'triggers'; understanding and using modalities; somnambulism; spontaneous hypnosis; twenty signs of hypnosis; how to make sure you apply exactly the right sort of hypnotic technique. 

As well as all of the above, there are also detailed overviews of: 

• General history of hypnosis and hypnotherapy 

• Perspectives in psychology 

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

• Psychopharmacology for the non-medical therapist 

• Repression theory 

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

• False Memory Syndrome 

• Working with pain and physical illness 

• Depression 

• Regression styles of therapy 

• Abreaction and catharsis 

• The 'fast phobia cure' 

• The ideo-motor response 

• Selective thinking and the Conscious Critical Faculty 

• Transference and counter-transference 

• Addictions 

• NLP concepts for rapid change

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"OUR MISSION is to provide students with a solid foundation in the study and application of clinical hypnosis to enable them to become competent and confident professional practitioners within the field of clinical hypnotherapy."