E I C H (Australia)

Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis

Course Overview

The Professional Practitioner Course has been designed to give you a thorough and sound knowledge of the application of ethical clinical hypnosis, even if you have no previous experience of the field. Study materials for the course include 150,000 word course notes and six set textbooks as well as 8 hours of supplementary audio instruction. The tuition programme is conducted in a modular fashion. There are 10 modules, each of which requires extensive reading, practical assignments and written assessment tasks as well as a minimum of 50 hours of intensive practical work via one-on-one personal tutorials to be completed during the course.

The course is competency-based and as well as the continuous assessment of the development of your skills and knowledge throughout the course, at the end of your studies there will be a final examination which includes a practical test. If necessary, you will be able to retake the final exam after a suitable period of further study.

As a general guide, you would probably aim to complete each module within a 4-6 week period and it is expected that you would spend approximately 60 hours to complete each module: this includes the time spent reading (and often re-reading) the books and course notes; the planning, execution and review of practical tasks; completion of case studies, assignments and assessment tasks and maintaining your course journal.


You may find that the time spent on each module varies and that's fine - by the time you have completed the course you would expect to have spent a total of around 600 hours on your training which is often regarded as an unofficial "industry standard" (though there are currently no regulations as such, most professional associations would expect your training to adhere to this standard).

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"OUR MISSION is to provide students with a solid foundation in the study and application of clinical hypnosis to enable them to become competent and confident professional practitioners within the field of clinical hypnotherapy."