E I C H (Australia)

Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis


Many people who decide to become trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy need to fit their training around current work and family commitments and the timing of classroom-based courses with fixed dates for attendance can be difficult. EICH (Australia) recognises the need for flexibility to accommodate the many pressures on your time and specialises in the “personal tutorial” method. The training materials and homework assignments are based on the classroom-based course taught at The Essex Institute in the UK.


Since this is an intensive one-on-one training method, the tuition periods are of around 5 hours duration and as far as attendance is concerned, there is a great deal of flexibility. Within reason, you see your tutor when you want to (provided you complete the required number of tutorial hours for the course), though tuition sessions must be booked in advance. This flexible training methodology means that you can pace the duration of the course to suit yourself and fit around other commitments.


With a reasonable level of commitment, the course is designed to be completed within a 12-18 month period and you would aim to maintain momentum and continuity with your studies and training, however, the personal tutorial method means that it is possible to take more time if you need to. There is also the additional advantage of being able to start the course at any time without having to wait for the next scheduled course start date.

"OUR MISSION is to provide students with a solid foundation in the study and application of clinical hypnosis to enable them to become competent and confident professional practitioners within the field of clinical hypnotherapy."